The Netherlands may not be a large player in the production of wind turbines, but TER LINDEN Transport, located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, is a leading service provider that transports over 200 wind turbines anually, all over Europe.

The transport by road of the parts of wind turbines, towers of up to 100+ metres high, rotor blades of 65 metres and machine houses of more than 80 tons takes months of accurate planning.

Surely when the transportation takes place through several European countries, timely preparation is required. Europe may be one trading area but in each country there are different rules for special transports. 

TER LINDEN started out as a tow and salvation company for trucks and since the early nineties has specialized in the transport of wind turbines. The prominent yellow trucks and several kind of trailers, which most were specially designed for us, enabling us to transport most wind turbine components on the market today.

The transport of wind turbines is not only a technical specialization. A third of the transport costs go into secondary businesses such as permits, transport guidance and possible police guidance. The effort is above all to control the logistics chain. When we arrive at a wind park with the tower sections and rotor blades, the crane and mechanics have to be there already. We specialize ourselves more and more in improving the supply chain and taking care of the complete logistical planning for our clients.

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